Troubles at Bay

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach of Prime ProjX under its Outreach Ireland is to provide immigration services in the Philippines and Ireland and Assistance to Nationals.  We have specialised skills in the immigration sector of both the Irish and Philippine system, also covering Philippine and Irish consular services support and migrant services.

Assistance to Irish and Filipino Nationals in distress which include cases involving domestic violence, settlement problems, human trafficking, illegal recruitment, and repatriation.  Outreach Ireland was established to formalise the work Prime ProjX founders had been doing in this field. The success of two outstanding cases that, through personal and professional service resulted to significant financial contributions that have proven to advance the cause of both documented and undocumented Filipino migrants in Ireland. Aside from the highlighted cases, Prime ProjX CSR programme Outreach Ireland has helped many individuals in both Ireland and the Philippines in their time of need. These less public and often deeply personal cases have helped improve or at times transformed the lives of the people availing of the assistance.



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Jastine Valdez Simultaneous Vigil and Memorial Fund: 24-year-old student Jastine Valdez was strangled by 40-year old Mark Hennessy, hours after he abducted her from near her home in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow on Saturday 19thof May 2018.  When her body was found on Monday, 21stof May, Managing Director Raymond Garrett, who is also the Co-ordinator of Outreach Ireland, called for a simultaneous vigil and set up a crowdraising fund with a target of €10,000.  After mobilising all media networks in Ireland and attending personal interviews, over €145,000 of the €10,000 goal wasraised by over 4,600 people.  This project promoted social consciousness in terms of manifesting strong community spirit through Raymond’s leadership and active participation.  READ ON.




Tragedy to Triumph:  Justice for Joel Alama – Deceased: An undocumented Filipino migrant worker fisherman Joel Alama died at Letterkenny General Hospital in Donegal, Republic of Ireland on August 28, 2015, days after trying to save his colleague, James Joyce.  Joel was overcome by fumes while working with colleague James Joyce on refrigerated sea water (RSW) tanks on board Galway-registered 23-meter trawler Oileán an Óirin the fishing port in Killybegs harbour in Donegal as part of routine maintenance. An Out-of-Court settlement was made on May 2018  following protracted negotiations. Keans Solicitors had instructions to settle where the family will receive a substantial amount based on liability, illegal employment legal status, insurance issues and the family were not in a position to travel for the hearing.  This case has resulted to the awareness of the rights of undocumented workers and improvements in the fishing industry employment and health and safety rules in the workplace.  READ ON.