Community Development

Community Development: Team Philippines in Ireland

Prime ProjX, with its Team Philippines in Ireland group, provides socio-cultural opportunities and events that strengthen and empower the capacity of people as active citizens through their community groups, organisations and networks.

Team Philippines in Ireland promotes the Philippines through four key areas:  Arts & Culture, Social Enterprise and Knowledge Development.

  • Art & Culture runs art workshops and events to promote Filipino talent, Filipino language lessons and Philippine Culture Information sessions for youth and migrants with Irish partners.
  • Social Enterprise focuses beyond generating a profit, but also on the positive impact the business makes on society – whether social, cultural or environmental.
  • Knowledge Development aims to provide resources in the form of handbooks, publications and workshops that will be used as tools in informing migrants on various useful information.


I.  Filipino Association of Cavan (FAC) is an association under the Cavan Cross Cultural Community (4C) that was formed by Vanda Brady on October 2018.  Vanda provides support in running its fundraising events on December 7-9 at the Cavan Christmas Market and on December 22, a Filipino Festive Feast Fundraiser for the group and Happy Battle.

II. Getting Started in Eire:  A Handbook for Ireland-Bound Filipinos (published in November 2016 and regularly updated)

III. From the Philippines to Ireland:  A Voyage of Discovery by Vising Kennedy (launched on 2nd of June 2017 in Dublin)

IV.  FREE “MIGRANT INTEGRATION & SKILLS TRAINING” – Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA)-Overseas Workers Welfare Association (POLO-OWWA) certified courses, Open to: Filipino Migrant Workers (Regular & Undocumented Employees)

  1. Sunday 30th September 2018 9am-4pm, St. John Bosco Youth Centre

  • Immigration 101: Living and Working in Ireland (Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (Immigrant Council of Ireland & MRCI Session
  • Online job search, CV-maker, LinkedIn, Facebook resources, consular services, online banking & fraud
  • Skills for Employment 2: Speak English the Irish Way
    – Learn the Irish lingo to engage and connect to your clients better.
  • Skills for Self-Sustainability: “Savoury & Sweet: A Cook-to-Sell Session”


Future workshops:

  • Workshops for OFW’s who choose to return to the Philippines for good.
  • Information and Awareness sessions on Integration issues – integrating and growing up with two cultures, workplace issues, challenges faced by mixed couples.